We have daily cardiac OPD. The facilities are ECG and ECHO, We are currently preparing a new improved modern Cardiac Unit with exercise ECG and Cardiac angiography along with cardiac ICU and open cardiac surgery.


Obstetrics and Gynecology
We have daily OPD and most of the time there are two or three clinics at the same time. In these clinics the patient will be looked after in all gynecological and obstetric problems with highly qualified doctors. There is also doctor on call for this specialty.


There is 24/7 Doctor on call and daily consultant OPD. We opened recently neonatal ICU with 8 beds with its own on call team.

eye clinic

We have already opened a new ophthalmic clinic equipped with updated modern equipment. It has its own operating theatre, and has 3 examination rooms. The clinic opens from 9 am to 9pm 6 days a week. There is more than one consultant each time.

Final year surgery important high yield examination topics

General Surgery
In this OPD the most of the surgical problems can be diagnosed and the necessary management will be done. If the patient is suffering of acute surgical problem , he or she will be admitted directly for surgical treatment, if the problem is chronic, then the patient will be sent for investigation to confirm the diagnosis then an appointment for operation will be given.


At Masarra Clinic we have a well-equipped ENT department with a modern examination system.

laser cosmetic

We have daily dermatology OPD, The facilities include laser treatment and cryotherapy.

img emergency

In the (ER) there is a 24-hour emergency doctor and nurse team
Fully equipped with drugs needed in emergency cases
We have a full range of ER equipment to diagnose medical problems quickly and effectively.


Internal Medicine
We have daily OPD with different specialty, respiratory clinic is twice per week, endocrine and diabetes once per week, hematology and oncology twice per week.

urology top

We have daily morning (except Tuesday) and daily afternoon urology clinic.


Plastic Surgery
We have a plastic surgery clinic, runs twice per week and soon will be daily as there is big demand on this specialty.


This Department is daily under supervision of highly qualified surgeons.


Psychology clinic
Once weekly.