Radiology Unit

Digital Fluoroscopy
Which can do routine and contrast digital radiology, like IVU, Br. Anema, Br. Meal, HSG.. etc.

CT Scanner Pic

CT scanning
It is Seimens 64 slices, new just installed, by this scan, we can do everything that modern CT scan can do like cardiac angiography, colonoscopy and so on...


It is a new machine 1.5 tassel and has full option to examine almost every organ and tissue in the body


Ultrasound Scan
We have about 7 USS machines disturbed into different departments, doppler scan to examine peripheral vessels. We can examine pelvic and abdominal organs. We have also different probes, which can be used to examine breast, thyroid, prostate and testicle.


It is digital mamo, which can help the doctor to find fine details of the breast.

Endoscopy Unit
Endoscopy machine

Endoscopy Unit
We can do upper (oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) and lower (rectum, sigmoid, descending, transverse and ascending colon ) gastrointestinal endoscopy alongside with sigmoidoscopy where doctors can see the problems in these parts of the body.
We also have endoscopic capsule which can send pictures each 30 seconds to a small monitor fixed to the patient by abdominal belt. The patient swallows this capsule which pass from stomach to his rectum and it send pictures to the monitor where the doctor can read and see if there is any problem. The advantage of this capsule is that, it is not painful and can take pictures of small bowels which can not be seen by other means.

bone densometry

Bone densometry
This machine can detect early bone osteoporosis, which is common in post-menopausal ladies, so the patient can start the treatment very early before any bone fracture occurs.

Laboratory Unit

Laboratory Unit
The laboratory is equipped with all necessary modern equipment from Abbot and Roche companies so that most of investigations can be done easily and efficiently. Liver, endocrine, and kidney functions, urea and electrolytes, blood sugar, cardiac enzymes, and all other biochemistry plus hematology, bacteriology, virology, tumor markers and many more, It will be done by well qualified technicians.