About Masarra ClinicDSC07577

Masarra clinic opened its doors in November 1994 and commenced receiving patients and conducting surgical operations in may 1995. Since that date the management exerted all efforts to be one of the best and most renowned clinic in Libya. While the clinic management strives to have the best medical staff and is very keen to provide medical services to the highest standards to all its patients. 

Masarra clinic provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, ranging from simple blood tests to diagnostic scans, from minor operations and cosmetic surgery to complex surgery.
Masarra clinic is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organizations in Libya. Since conception, we have earned a reputation for innovation and excellence as we continue to provide expertise in healthcare disciplines, whilst translating medical knowledge and technology into improved patient care.
The Clinic's vision has always been to provide a center of excellence in the healthcare sector and this revolves around four fundamental principles, namely; Patients, Technology, Staff and Leading Consultants 



Technology introduces new avenues in healthcare and medicine and it is here that the Masarra Clinic strives to offer a superior service to its patients by continuously investing in the latest equipment for both diagnoses as well as for surgical procedures. Amongst the latest state of the art equipment, the clinic boasts a comprehensive digital radiology system, 64 slices CT scan, 1.5T MRI, laser assisted surgery etc. Modern analysis techniques are used in our laboratory.
Our surgical procedures cover a wide spectrum of needs and aim to provide the best facilities and the optimal treatment patients may require. These range from hip replacements, hernia repairs, cataract surgery, cosmetic and plastic procedures, major abdominal surgery, ENT, Gynae, Urology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, Laparoscopic surgery and much more. A new one day-case surgery has been started, including Pediatric, Plastic, Ophthalmic, Urology, and Gynae surgery.
Outpatient clinics are held on a daily basis on different specialties. Special medical screening packages are available, thus enabling early detection of any medical problems. Full confidential reports are provided together with further advice and recommendations at the ends of screening.


DSC07554The Masarra clinic presently owns 40 beds, are looked after by trained, experienced doctors and nurses, complemented by our most efficient housekeeping, catering and maintenance staff.
All private rooms are either single or in suite, with colour cable TV, telephone, variable height and multi-section beds to ensure maximum comfort for patients, air-conditioning, and nurse-call system keeping patients in contact with the nursing staff. A resident medical doctor is on duty within the hospital on a 24/7 basis.
Visiting hours are unlimited, however we prefer short time visits and more better to be between 4 to 8 pm for our patient comfort and more time for the staff to look after the patients.


Masarra clinic has has earned its reputation for excellence in private healthcare over the years by committing itself to continue offering the highest quality services and outstanding medical care.